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About Carley 

In 2021, Furlow Designs emerged under the creative vision of Carley Furlow, hailing from Harrisburg, PA. Carley's journey began during her high school years when she started making scrunchies using various fabrics. Initially selling them to friends and acquaintances, Carley's passion for fashion design and sewing blossomed. However, the onset of the pandemic prompted a shift in her focus as she channeled her sewing skills towards crafting face masks for frontline workers, utilizing all the fabrics at her disposal.

As the availability of fabric for clothing became increasingly challenging, Carley's ingenuity led her to explore alternative materials found within households. The idea struck to incorporate items like coffee filters, CDs, trash bags, and phone books into her designs. This marked the birth of Carley Furlow Designs, earning Carley a reputation as the innovative designer who utilizes unconventional materials to create stunning clothing.


Today, Carley continues to fashion clothing from unused household products while collaborating with clients to craft custom pieces and perform meticulous alterations. Her exceptional talent has garnered recognition, including recent accolades at the esteemed PA Farm Show. Her designs frequently grace the runways of fashion shows across the nation, such as the upcoming Denver Fashion Week where Carley is one of seven featured designers, as well as Omaha Fashion Week.


Carley also collaborates with several companies to merge sustainable fashion with ingenious guerrilla marketing techniques. The fusion of her unique creations and sustainable practices sets her apart in the industry, establishing Carley Furlow Designs as a force to be reckoned with.

For further inquiries or to delve deeper into the world of Carley Furlow Designs, please don't hesitate to contact us. We look forward to sharing our passion and creations with you.

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