Furlow Designs was established in 2021 by Carley Furlow of Harrisburg, PA. Before the COVID-19 outbreak, Carley started by making scrunchies out of multiple different fabrics. She was selling her scrunchies to her friends and friends of friends. Once the outbreak occurred Carley redirected her focus. She was now making face masks for frontline workers out of all of her fabrics. Because she was running out of fabrics she could no longer make clothing and had to become creative on what materials she could use for clothing items. The idea came up about using unused household items such as coffee filters, CDs, trash bags, and phone books. This is what caused Furlow Designs to take off! She became known as the girl who used odd materials to create clothing. 
Now Carley is continuing to make clothing out of unused household products but she is also working with clients to create custom clothing and do alterations. Many of her designs appear in local fashion shows. If you would like to learn more please feel free to contact us!